Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Resort 2013: Prabal Gurung

Ah! - Of course my favorite line of the moment is Prabal Gurung.. The pops of turquoise and bright red.. Wowza. I am very happy to see the peplum trend will still be around next year.. and neons :). It is definitely not time to let those go just yet.

The unique lines Prabal creates with his garments is the best touch he adds. He brings something new to the table that resembles art that has inspired himself to create beautiful pieces. Even though he has used the same motif, season after season, the garments still look considerably different. This has definitely been Prabal's most wearable line. It still does not lack creativity, though. Bravo Prabal Gurung.

What do you think about the line? Love it, or hate it?

Have a beautiful Tuesday!
XX Hilary

(Photography Credit: Style.com)


  1. so pretty! i love the middle row of printed dresses.

    1. Love it....they are sumptous and very chic.


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