Friday, June 1, 2012

The Perfect (Any Occasion) Dress

{This photo makes me want to go adventure!}

It is always hard for me to find dresses and skirts that fit me. They always seem to be cut too short, sit too low on the waist, too tight, too loose.. etc. And then I try on the perfect fitting skirt/dress in which I cannot afford.. always happens. It probably sounds silly but when I find a dress that is perfect I will wear it at least a few times a week because of how great I feel in it. That perfect fit makes me feel perfectly comfortable and I don't feel worried that someone can see my derriere. Here is my all time favorite dress that, I swear, will fit anyone. I might have to pick it up for the weekend..

This Topshop dress is perfect for any occasion. I could see myself wearing this for a day outing, out on the town, to the market.. anything. The fit is also flattering on any body type. I would call this my go to dress. I have not purchased it yet but will in the next few weeks. Would you wear this dress? What is your go-to outfit?

Have an amazing weekend everyone!
XX Hilary

(Photography Credit: 1, 2)


  1. You're right. Could be worn casual or dressy. :)

  2. Gotta love the dress!!! awesome color. me like!


  3. Great dress!
    Maybe want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog ^^

    XX Tali


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