Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do or Don't: Cat Ear Headband

Image 1 of Limited Edition Pearl Cat Ear Aliceband
As I was browsing a few of my favorite online stores, I came across something I found ridiculous.. a cat ear headband. We have seen them in many different variations for Halloween but seeing this piece as a fashion statement? I am not sure if I am sold on that. It definitely takes me back to Halloween memories when I was growing up.
Image 2 of Limited Edition Pearl Cat Ear Aliceband
I would love to hear what you think about this little gem. Would you rock the cat ear headband? I am not so sure if I would be able to wear it without cracking up at myself.

Have a wonderful Thursday (Wow this week has flown by)!
XX Hilary

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  1. it's cute, but i definitely would not be able to wear this in "real life!" i would probably wear it on halloween though :)

  2. Oh my! Those cat ears are too cute!!! Are they "wearable"? Meh, why not? They'd be fun at a party!

    Cute cute post!

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  4. This is my rare style of nekomimi from PIJ. I said it rare because i observe cat ears in cloth.


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