Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So it Begins :)

{My mom and I on the ferry to Staten Island}

I have finally made it to NYC. Woo! It is my first time visiting and living here and let me tell you, it is it's own world! I never thought I would be around so many people and experience so much in such a short amount of time. So far, my favorite area is Soho. This little neighborhood was quite quaint and very affordable. I definitely felt more at home there. I am currently living in mid-city and work at a design firm called KAS New York located in the Garment District. I will hopefully be learning so much about the fashion industry as well as living all by my lonesome.. (not that I want to get used to being all alone). My blog will mostly be about NYC for the next few months and I will be sharing memorable stories with you all. :)

{Coney Island}

{The Fashion District.. my new friend and I ;)}

{Statue of Liberty.. on our way to visit Staten Island}

I would love to hear your story. Have you ever been to the Big Apple?

Have an amazing Wednesday!
XX Hilary
(Photography taken by myself)

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