Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have had a constant struggle this year with slowing down to smell the roses. College puts me in the zone to study and do everything possible to receive the grade I will be happy with. Which means long nights studying and even longer nights getting projects completed. After visiting France last spring, the atmosphere reminded me to relax once in awhile.. take the time to do what you enjoy.. take long lunches to catch up with friends.. and exercising does not have to be your life to have the perfect body. I have taken all of these reminders and slowing down to smell the roses has definitely put things into perspective. It's the simple things in life that truly matter which brings me to the Hindu Holi celebration. Experiencing this celebration would definitely take the cake. Holi is a holiday that is celebrated as soon as winter is over. I hope you enjoy the video :)

{It's magic!}

My wonderful readers, do you have trouble slowing down to enjoy the simple things in life? Would you celebrate the Holi holiday if you were Hindu?

Have an amazing Tuesday!
XX Hilary

(Photography Credit to National Geographic)

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