Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Favorites of the Week!

I have been think a lot about the future lately and cannot really wrap my head around being off on my own, paying my own bills, working a big girl job and being a grown up. I am also extatic to graduate since I have never been a huge school fan, yet who really is? One thing I am happy for is finding a major that matched me to a tee. It will be a bitter:sweet feeling upon graduation in (hopefully) December.

{I love the side gathering detail}

{Extremely Cheap + Chic, love it}

{Someone, please buy me these pants!}

1. Emilio Pucci Dress
2. Old Navy Flats
3. Prabal Gurung pants

My wonderful readers, what are your favorites at the moment? Do you like any of these items? I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!
XX Hilary


  1. LOVE that yellow Pucci dress!! Fabulous!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  2. That side gathering detail is so good it makes me wish it was on every dress.

  3. That yellow dress is AMAZING. How perfect for summer cocktails or a wedding.

  4. obsessed with the yellow dress! so fun and bright!

  5. omg, that dress and pants are beautiful..


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