Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a Glorious Weekend! :)

I have always wondered why everything goes straight to gloomy and dark during winter? Why not wear florals and brights all year round? I love to keep my florals cycling through every season, no matter the conditions. I joke that I wear the exact same clothes during summer.. only in winter I add the tights. In most cases, it is very true. I had to get more creative since I have found a love for anti-denim jeans. I have never been a fan of jeans growing up because of how low the styles were. I still wore them. Now that I am in college I have stopped wearing jeans although they pop up once in awhile on colder days. It is fun to create different outfits that do not revolve around those denims. Florals have definitely played a huge role in my wardrobe and I feel that keeping them during winter is a must! Here is my outfit for the weekend!

Giamattista Valli Dress.. One like it here.
Madewell Flats
3.1 Phillip Lim Draped Blazer.. More found here.
Givenchy Envelope Clutch.. Check out Envelope Clutches at Asos.

What items do you like to wear all year-round? PS What are you all doing for the weekend!? I would love to hear!

Have a glorious weekend!
XX Hilary

(Photography found at Cognac and Coffee, Outfit made by me :))


  1. I really love the look!! The colors are so cute. xx

  2. beautiful outfit for the weekend, love the yellow shoes. I wear floral dresses from summer with tights during the winter too :) it looks very cute. Have a nice weekend you too

  3. Love all the look, but specially the clutch ;)


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