Friday, January 13, 2012

‡Have an Amazing Weekend‡

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Just when I thought winter was never going to hit us, it happened. I woke up yesterday with roughly 5 inches of snow on the ground.. Now that woke me up fast. I always say how much I would love to have summer all year round.. But having the snow visit us is definitely a nice change. Coming home to a nice warm apartment watching movies and drinking hot chocolate is my favorite. I was also ready to transition into spring clothes since we have been having beautiful spring weather but that will now have to wait. But for the mean time, here is the outfit I would like to wear on a beautiful, pre-spring, day.

Alice + Olivia Sweater
Jacques Fath Vintage Maxi Skirt
Rag & Bone Hat
Fiona Paxton Necklace
Miss Selfridge Green Bag
Briella Gold Loafers at J.Crew

What do you all think about winter? Love it, hate it?

Have a fabulous weekend!
XX Hilary

(Photograph Credit: Note to Self, Outfit made by myself)


  1. beautiful blog and style that you share here!

  2. I never thought winter was going to come either. Here's to a warm weekend by the fireplace! xoxo

  3. Oh that sweater looks sooo comfy!! & i love the winter/spring outfit : ) as far as winter goes... I love having snow on christmas, but that's about it. Sweater weather is my favorite though for sure!

    Forever Fashionably Late

  4. Have a great weekend to you too Hilary! :D


  5. Tali, thank you very much!
    Victoria, I love cozy sweaters for winter!

    XX Hilary

  6. love your picture! nice hat! stay warm!


  7. Beautiful photo!

  8. love this post! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. I pretty much want everything from that list, especially mint skirt! simply beautiful... well minus the hut, since I have so much hair so it would look silly on me :)


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