Friday, January 20, 2012

Have an Adventurous Weekend!

It is finally Friday! I can hardly wait to begin the weekend and have an amazing time with my boyfriend and friends. Being busy with the future grown-up stuff has got me thinking in a different state of mind. I am definitely ready to do some adventurous, fun things out in the snow.. maybe some sledding?! I have been dying to wear my new skirt (found here) that just arrived in the mail last week. Unfortunately, we have had 5 degree weather and will have to postpone my asymmetrical skirt for another day. Day dreaming about what I will wear with my skirt has left me with styling my whole weekend outfit around it. Here it is!
Xoxo Sweater.. One like it here
Topshop Skirt
Noir Necklace.. One like it found at F21
Zara Boots

What are you dying to wear when this cold weather business blows over? Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? I would love to hear! :)

XX Hilary

(Photography Credit to Angie Royer + Outfit made by me)


  1. i'm going to Siena! can't wait! have a wonderful weekend!! love chiara

  2. Would love to wear that outfit hihi :)

    XOXF. -

  3. ohh I love that black ruffle skirt you picked out!

  4. I like that collage! Good taste! i like sweater so much!

    Have amazing weekend!

  5. Thank you!i hope you have an amazing weekend, too! I love your new skirt. Asymmetrical skirts can be tough to style, but I think you've got it down. Lovely.

  6. Great collage! I need those sunnies!

  7. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  8. i love your picks for styling the skirt - and i'm definitely lusting after these high/low hems i'm seeing everywhere now. so great that you are featuring cheaper options with your pics as well . . . very chic. enjoy the snow!

    xx shari

  9. What a cool outfit! Lovely skirt!

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