Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Thursday!

(via bloodbankk)  an ode to joy

Good morning, good morning! This has definitely been the earliest I have woken up in awhile and I feel like there is so many things to do now. I have time to watch the Today show, go get coffee, read my favorite magazines and go on a walk in January. Winter this mild is far from awful. We are usually complaining about the weather at this time, yet the weather today is going to reach 60 degrees, yes, 60 degrees! 

Someone needs to stop talking about themselves.. haha

The Perfect Spring Jacket

Vintage Polish Film Posters

Drama of drama in, the one and only, Iowa.

I love this look.

Bye-bye neons, hello pastels.

Nails and Makeup for a wishful winter.

Currently reading this book.

Speaking of books..

Love the coffee chart, too cute.

XX Hilary

(Photo Credit to We(heart)It blog)

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  1. I just love waking up in the morning early and discovering how many things you can get done in that day. It's refreshing :)


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