Thursday, January 26, 2012

Couture is in the Air

Sometimes I wish it was possible to wear extreme gowns and dramatic garments. Couture is amazing and is meant for, mainly, the runways. In my eyes, couture brings clothing to life. Designers are able to have the freedom to make the drama happen. My favorite Spring 2012 Couture line goes to Alexis Mabille. He definitely brought clothing to life through color and played with dramatic head pieces. 

"It is only women who do not know how to dress that are afraid of colors." -Alexis Mabille.

There is something fresh about this line that I have not seen before. Even though there is a lot going on in many of the garments, they still all fit together nicely. What do you all think about Alexis Mabille's Spring 2012 Couture line? Are you crazy like me and love it!?

Have a beautiful Thursday! 
XX Hilary

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