Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cheers for Tintin!

For some reason, shopping for a guy is so much harder than shopping for my gal friends or my family members who are women. I have found such a cute post at Refinery29 for men's style. They have such a great idea of taking inspiration for menswear from a very stylish cartoon character. Everyone meet Tintin! :)



Way to go, Tintin! Would you buy this look for your guy friend? boyfriend? husband?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
XX Hilary

(Photo credits to: Refinery29, J. Crew, Pants, Trench and shoes.. Zara)


  1. You just gave me some shopping tips! Thank the fashion gods you Tintin.

  2. I can't shop for guys, so I go with gift cards or electronics. The simple way out. I really like the guy's outfit with the brown boots.



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