Tuesday, November 15, 2011

.:10 Fashion Facts to Know This Morning:.

Happy Tuesday to you all! How is every one's week going? Mine is coming along very nicely. I thought I would start sharing linky love on Tuesday's for fashion news! Let me know how you like this post :).. and check out the links around the web.

New York City's chicest Winter Style Snaps

Need help caring for your wooly wonders?

Do or Don't.. Black lipsick

Want the scoop on spring 2012's biggest trends?

'Twihards'.. What wedding dress will Bella Wear?

G'Morning with Christian Louboutin

Lady Gaga Unmasked

The Wonderful World of Victoria's Secret

This amazing new museum: Carsten Höller Experience and amazing photographs from Inside-Out

Does anyone else suffer from extremely dry skin in winter like me? Click the link for an amazing cure!

Have a glorious Tuesday!
XX Hilary

(Photograph Credit: Tmagazine)


  1. Don't to the black lips but apart from that, love your fashion facts from this tuesday!!


  2. I'm a fan of the black lipstick! Think it's pretty chic.


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