Thursday, October 27, 2011

Play me a Song, DJ

My playlist on my ipod is on nonstop today. The only way I can get long design projects finished is with the help of my music. I focus 10 times better with my headphones on. Music also helps me stay calm if something is not going the way I want them too. Here is a little preview of my music on my ipod, enjoy!

1. "Snow (Hey Oh)" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. "Don't Stop" - Foster the People
3. "Enjoy the Silence" - Depeche Mode
4. "Heart it Races" - Dr. Dog
5. "Float On" - Modest Mouse
6. "Where is my Mind?" - The Pixies
7. "I want you Back" - Jackson 5
8. "This Too Shall Pass" - OK Go
9. "Maps" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
10. "In Transit" - Albert Hammond Jr.

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I would love to hear what music you like to listen to. Who are your favorite artists?

Have a wonderful Thursday!
XO Hilary


  1. I don't have an ipod, but the Kelly Clarkson station on Pandora has been in serious rotation for me this week! :)

  2. I'm big on Aerosmith, my favorite band. But since I've been going through a break-up, anything that makes me feel good! I like your playlist!

  3. great playlist! perfect for a moody october thursday!

  4. I am the same way with music!! Looks like you have a great soundtrack to get some work done!


  5. I love this! I'm a huge Maroon 5 fan and also Celine Dion:)


  6. Love your blog!!! Check mine there's a PRADA GIVEAWAY GOING ON!!!

  7. I'm the same way with my music, I need it LOL.
    Love your picks, you have good taste in music. I usually listen to alot of rock, but lately I've been listeneing to pop music,anything I can dance to :)


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