Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday: Modern Halloween!

{I only like candy corn once a year and that is on Halloween!}

It is Halloween day! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and ate lots of candy. I wanted to find an outfit that was Halloween-ish without having to wear a jack-o-lantern shirt (even though those are the cutest!). Here it is!

Halloween Outfit!

1. J. Crew Heart Sweater
2. Sessun Burnt Sienna Cords
3. Rag & Bone Hat
4. Betsey Johnson Spider Earrings
5. H&M Envelope Clutch.. Here is one similar to this.
6. Topshop Mary Jane Heels

(Photo borrowed from Getty Images by Ronnie Kaufman)

My lovely readers, how do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up on Halloween day?

Have a marvelous Halloween day!
XX Hilary


  1. love your pics for a halloween outfit. esp the sweater and shoes :)


    stop by paper doll theory and enter our giveaway :)

  2. cute halloween outfit! hope you had a good one. great blog!! xx

    a hit of sarah

  3. such a cute halloween outfit! i was joan holloway from mad men. it was pretty fun. although, i had to stuff in the curves! i'm not quite as bodacious as she is! ;)

  4. the outfit is super cute, loved it!
    nice blog



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