Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a few of my favorite things :)

Good morning to all! It is finally Wednesday and everyone I am finally getting a handle of the week. Our UNI homecoming is this weekend and my roommates and I are making a group dress for our Textile and Apparel fashion show contest. Wish us luck. :) I'll leave you with my Wednesday favorite threes.
Here are my favorite three items I have found this week over the net:

1. I am in love with Bert's dress for the 70's themed competition episode that is found at Piperlime. It is currently sold out, but I would love to get my hands on it, or make it myself. Even though it is extremely simple, the two-tone panels make it special. What do you all think about Bert's dress?

2. I love this outfit from Asos. The length of the leather skirt is superb. Would you all wear this length?

3. As I noted before, Alexa Chung for Madewell's line is amazing. The boots shown below are adorable, and yet another sell-out. I like the lighter grey color better than most darker boots for fall. Do you all like these?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday, Tootles!
XO Hilary


  1. I like the dress, it's simple yet chic!


  2. after seeing these boots maybe i will jump on the alexa band wagon

  3. I think I would wear that length of skirt, but probably not with the tall socks.

    <3 Rachel
    dress ups and mess ups

  4. hey lovely :)
    thx for your lovely comment !
    of course, i would love to follow each other
    now i'm following you!
    melina from

  5. love that asos skirt! but i think i'd have to be really tall to poll it off! :P


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