Saturday, October 15, 2011


My Lovelies! I feel so bad about not posting the past few days. I have been very busy and had barely time for the wonderful world of blogging. I went to two amazing concerts that were a few hours away from where I live and had an exam on Friday. I am so excited that it is the weekend! I am definitely ready to have a relaxing Saturday. Here are my favorite randoms of the week..

Here is such a cute idea for the bakers out there!

A wonderful craft for the weekend! DIY rope necklace.

These shoes are superb! I love the color.

and I would like this coloring book for grown-ups for my birthday..

along with these whimsical colored pencils to color it with (I don't think I will ever be a grown-up at heart).

Have a delightful weekend!
OX Hilary


  1. The stamps are such a great idea! They'd be great for events.



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