Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, oh Wednesday, so glad you're here! The weekend is just around the corner and of course there are plenty of things to do. Aside from studying for exams, I will be attempting to finish a few projects and begin a garment that I want to make before the end of the semester. I wish I had much more time to work on extra-curricular activities, or if it was possible that we had more hours in a day.

The National Geographic never ceases to amaze me with their beatiful photographs. The inspiration I usually choose for the outfit of the week mostly comes from this website. The colors are amazing and full of inspiration to use! This photograph in particular was shot in Bangledash. Cultures all over the world are full of life and traditions that have been around longer than cultures in the United States. Seeing the traditions still in action amazes me!

..And here is my outfit of the week!

If your outfit is bright and full of color, try accessorizing with pieces that are neutral like the shoes and the belt I added. What color combinations do you like to work with? I do not think there is a combination I would not try out. :)

Have a beatiful Wednesday!
XO Hilary


  1. ooh love the outfit:) very bright!

    please follow me on google friend connect on my blog!

  2. I love all these warm tones. As I was putting away my clothes earlier I saw a pink top and purple skirt I'd like to try together. Good advice about adding in neutrals. I will have to do that to keep it balanced.


  3. Love these autumnal colors. Great dress! Right now, I'm drawn to pumpkin, burgundy, and jewel tones, although I don't wear them very often. I tend to wear blues, pinks, and grays a lot, but I am trying to get out of my comfort zone!


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