Monday, August 22, 2011

On Monday Morning :)

Class is back in session and I am loving it! My class schedule is pretty spaced out which may be a good thing since I will have time to blog in between classes. :) I am taking an India history class this semester and am so ready to learn about what made India a country. I have always been inspired by India's natural beauty and the vibrant fabrics that are worn by the women. What country inspires your ideas?

{Outfit Inspiration}
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Outfit of the week!

ChloƩ Silk crepe de chine pussybow blouse
$695 -
chambray sightseer skirt
$98 $78 -
Lanvin leather lattice wedge
$1,400 $910 -
Red Heart Lock Crossbody
$50 -
Asos Leaf Arm Cuff
$14 -

Have a beautiful Monday!
XO Hilary Nicole


  1. i love this denim skirt!!

    Glam Atmospheres:

  2. I think all countries are inspiring! But lately, I've been infatuated with Scandinavian furniture design ;)

    stop by!

  3. I agree with Chiffon dreams! I love other cultures, whether its seeing it or just reading about it. India is no exception. Its so vibrant and beautiful. I'm sure your going to enjoy every class!

    Girl about Town XxX

  4. I think travelling in itself inspires my style. I am a travel junkie and probably love it most for all the different styles you can adapt when your in different countries. Spain is a huge influence for me though. India would be incredible to study - enjoy this semester!! :)

    Anna xo


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