Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday: Fields of Roses

This weekend was definitely one to remember! I love being able to walk outside with bare feet and warm air blowing in my hair. The long summer days are dwindling and fall is slowly beginning to show its appearance. I am not ready for chilly weather quite yet so I thought I would show one last summer outfit post. I love wearing easy warm weather clothing that can easily transition into my fall wardrobe. What season is your favorite?

Here are floral inspirations I found at gettyimages that are wonderful!

{Such a beautiful mother-daughter photo!}

Outfit of the Week!

Have a beautiful Monday!
XO Hilary


  1. love the color of the purse!!

  2. Love the pics they are very inspiring for me as tomorrow is Spring day here in SA :)

  3. LOVE these pics :) I just bought a floral top today and apart from denim pieces I wasnt sure what else - hellooo white skirt with a cute brown belt. GREAT inspiration.

    Anna xo

  4. Gorgeous -- I love that white dress!
    xo Josie

  5. That white dress is gorgeous, and the first photo is so beautiful and serene!

    Love, Lisa


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