Wednesday, August 24, 2011


1. I love the J Brand Colored Skinnies. Preferably the Sea-foam Green pair found at Anthropologie. Colored denim.. DO or DON'T for you?

2. These Carvela Suspicious Strapped Heeled Ankle Boots found at Asos are great for the fall weather. I love chunky heels over simple stream-lined heels. What shoes are you into at the moment?

3. Last but not least goes to Foster the People! I love almost all of their songs and this one in particular, "Helena Beat." What band/singer are you loving right now?

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

XO Hilary


  1. ohhhh i love those mint green skinnies ♥
    and you gotta love foster the people!
    they are just too much fun to listen to =)

  2. um, can we be best friends? I love all of these things! seriously, following right now.

    Attention, Attention!

  3. love those pants with that color!!! :) I'm following

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)


    Have a nice weekend


  4. Love the sea foam. Such a great color for those pants. Foster the People - instant motivation to dance.


  5. coloured jeans are a big DO for me :) Those sea foam ones are simply gorgeous though. Biggest problem for me at the moment is deciding on which colour to get! I was thinking red but now may just have to opt for a nice green shade instead - great picks.

    Anna xo


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