Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 of the Favorites

1. I have been very into the Jade color tones at the moment. I spotted this necklace at and fell in love! What color do you die for right now?

2. Chunky heels are always my favorite! I found these gray wedges that look comfortable and chic for fall from Envy Footwear in Holster. They are found at

3. This photo has been inspiring me to remember that you can be whoever you want to be. J.crew's creative director, Jenna, caused an uproar when she painted her sons toe nails pink. You do not have to be masculine to be a boy and his favorite color is pink which she thinks is totally okay, and I agree. Who says pink is only for women? What are your thoughts on painting your sons toe nails pink?


Have a wonderful day!
XO Hilary


  1. I love that jade necklace - j.crew used to have a beautiful jade necklace a few years ago that I was obsessed with!

    x. jill

  2. Fashion wise I am dying for bright floral colours :) Design wise I'm crushing the colour teal hard so loveeee that necklace! Good on you for talking about that controversary with J.Crew creative Director. I saw Jenna in an interview years ago and thought god what an inspirational woman - she has an amazinggggg career but family is most important (she ensures she has breakfast with her husband and son every morning and is home for dinner most nights). So good on her for allowing her son to be a free spirit - pink ROCKS anyway :)

    Anna xo


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