Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I am so excited to spend the weekend back at home with my family and friends. They mean so much to me and love every minute of spending time and reminiscing on the past and planning our future :). Summer can never get old to me, especially enjoying it with people that I love and being able to relax by a pool without any care in the world - it's amazing.
Tomorrow my mother, sister and I are planning on going to our farmer's market! I am so excited to buy a mango on a stick and fresh produce. And possibly some peonies if I find some I like! What do you like to do when visiting your home town?

Taken at the Des Moines Farmer's Market

I have eaten ice cream probably every day this week because of the heat. It's the only food item that sounds appealing. I found this recipe for ice cream bars that sound interesting, yet alluring. The first one is an avocado Popsicle. The second is a Greek yogurt with blackberry Popsicle. Would you dare to try the avocado pops?

Image borrowed from:

Have an adventurous weekend, everyone!
XO Hilary Nicole


  1. I hope that you have a lovely weekend spent with your friends and family. I think that I would try the greek yoghurt ice lolly, but maybe not the avocado as I am not the biggest fan!


  2. The avo one sounds interesting!

  3. Sounds so fun! Nothing is better than market days (and treats) with fam and good friends :) thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments <3


  4. love that shots of the popsicles. not sure about avocado though...


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