Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Newspaper Nails!

Looking for something new to do with your nails? I would recommend trying this idea out! Newspaper nails! One of their visual merchandisers came into the office with them.

Here is how to do them:

1) Paint your nails with base coat and then a light color. Any pale color will work like pale lilac. 

2) Cut newspaper into ten pieces, one for each nail.
3) Pour a tiny bit of surgical spirit into an old dish and then dip your fingers in it, one at a time, so that the your whole nail is submerged.

4) Place one of your newspaper cuttings text side down on top of your nail. Use tweezers if your hand is not steady enough.

5) Hold it down for a few seconds so the writing transfers onto your nail and then peel it off. Repeat for every nail.

5) Add a coat of clear topcoat to make the nail art last.

XO Hilary Nicole


  1. I tried that before and it didn't work for me :( I was bummed cause they are so cute.

  2. Fun! I'm going to share this with my friend, Sara! She's obsessed with nail art!

  3. This is great, I should try it! :)

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

  4. I love this! I saw a tutorial on Refinery29 last week but the print came out so faint. But yours looks so good and bold.


  5. Fun... I liked!
    XO, Pá

  6. yay for nail tutorials! gotta try this one :)


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