Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday :D

Ice cream is one of my favorite things to eat during the brutal summers. Pulling inspiration from things I eat happens quite often since I love eating things that look pretty (I know it's weird ;)). Bright colors are also always in my outfit whether it is in my accessories or painted on my nails. What do you like to pull inspiration from when dressing yourself?

{Isn't she adorable?}

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Here is the outfit of the week!


  1. Mmm ice-cream! I had the BEST today, caramel fudge, it was absolutely delicious.

    I suppose I pull inspiration from my mood. Sometimes when I'm a bit tired blacks and greys seem more appropriate because anything brighter will hurt my eyes. When I wake up in a really good mood I'll wear something a little brighter. It also depends on the weather though, I feel a bit funny if it's warm weather to go out dressed head to toe in black.


  2. i lovee ice cream! i've been buying these mini haggen-daaz ice creams, 10 for $10! anyway, i pull my inspiration from my mother and grandmother, flowers, old-fashioned operas, paintings, and my blogs!

  3. Great outfit! Love that color combo!


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