Thursday, June 9, 2011


I just arrived back from Florida yesterday and the weather up here is already less than what I was hoping for. I love when it storms at night so then the sun is back to shining when it is suppose to. Hopefully it will clear off soon! It is definitely a different lifestyle down in Florida and I loved being there with a few of my friends from high school. 
What has everyone been up to this week? I am starting to get all my things situated to move into my new apartment on Sunday. Here is a survey I did to help pass time on this stormy day. Does anyone else love doing surveys and never re-posts them to anything? I do it all the time.
  1. Favorite Color: Turquoise
  2. Favorite Board Game: Mad Gab
  3. Favorite Food: Mongolian Food
  4. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cake Batter w/ Cookie Dough (Cold Stone!)
  5. Favorite Drink: Green Tea Citron
  6. Favorite Animal: Elephants, but I love all animals
  7. Favorite Sea Creature: Sea Turtles
  8. Favorite Band: Florence + The Machine
  9. Favorite Movie: Away We Go
  10. Favorite Candy: Raisinets Dark Chocolate
  11. Favorite Pizza Topping: lots of veggies
  12. Favorite Fruit: Mangoes
  13. Favorite Flower: Orchids and Peonies
  14. Favorite Weather: 75-80 Degrees 
  15. Favorite Time of Day: When the sun starts to fall and the wind is calm.
  16. Favorite Season: Summer
  17. Favorite Smell: Just baked cookies or fresh cut grass
  18. Favorite City: Rennes, France (so far)
  19. Favorite Book: My Ishmael
  20. Favorite Activity: Kayaking, swimming, anything that involves burning energy.. I have too  much.
  21. Favorite Clothing Item: I love my blazers.
  22. Favorite Children’s Book: Oh the Places you will Go, Dr. Suess
  23. Favorite Holiday: I like all Holidays.. Getting together with the whole family
  24. Favorite Magazine: Real Simple
  25. Favorite Indulgence: Getting my hair done once a year

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