Saturday, June 11, 2011

The CFDA Awards!

It is about that time for the CFDA Awards in NY City. The designers and a fashion icon later, we have such a talented line-up of people who deserve every amount of their awards. Even though we usually say she is an innovator in fashion, not fashion forward. She still makes a huge impact in the fashion world with her styles that are fearless.

Fashion Icon of the year goes to (Drum roll.....) Lady Gaga!

The winner for Accessory Designer of the Year goes to Alexander Wang. His up and coming line improves every year. His clothes and accessories are so wearable.

The Lifetime Achievement award goes to the one and only Marc Jacobs. He is a designer that I am always excited to see for each season. They are always over-the-top trendy in a good way. He sets the trends.

Marc is alongside Sophia Coppola

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