Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Darling, the Smiles Returning to the Faces

Finals week is almost over! What is everyone's plan for the summer? I am going to France next week for a summer program for May. After that, Florida, Here we come! My friends and I from high school are going to visit our friend that has been living there for a few months now! Hopefully traveling will continue for me the whole summer.

I have been surfing the internet (what is new) and came across the Forever21 magazine! Why have I not known they had this? Even though I do not shop there that much, they have great inspiration for any outfit. Right now they are pushing on a little hippie-chic with a rock star edge. They also feature popular fashion blogs of the moment. My favorite items from forever21 are the cheap bracelets and sunglasses. I lose my sunglasses all the time so losing a $5 pair doesn't give me an anxiety attack like a  $100 pair would. 

This blogger in particular definitely has a rocker vibe. Her name is Krystal Simpson and she is the author of

Doesn't this spread make you want to go on a road trip? Who is with me?

All images taken from

I think this is awesome! Helping others who really need help is so important.
As I have been studying non stop the past two days, my song on repeat on my ipod is from the Beatles, "Here comes the Sun." What is your favorite song to listen to while concentrating? This song always puts me in a great mood.

Enjoy :)

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  1. i love that blog, the heart sunnies looks so fab!


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