Wednesday, April 20, 2011

YOUSOS, ASOS, WE ALL ASOS is my favorite new store I have discovered online. They have such a wide variety of retail, you are bound to find something worth your money. The prices range, but reasonable. Here are a few of my favorites I have found while window shopping.

Image 1 of ASOS Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

ASOS Bell Sleeve Shift Dress£30.00

Image 4 of Vero Moda Mixed Print Maxi Dress

Vero Moda Mixed Print Maxi Dress £42.00

Maxi dresses make me feel so much prettier than the shorter dresses I usually wear. I picked a dress up a few months ago and I love wearing it.  I love the sleeves on the top dress, The back has a V as well, cute touch.

Image 4 of Sessun Orissa Printed Trousers

Sessun Orissa Printed Trousers£160.00

Image 1 of ASOS Tailored Pleated Wide Leg Chiffon Trouser

ASOS Tailored Pleated Wide Leg Chiffon Trouser£40.00

I want to branch out with my pants selection. For pants, jeans have always been my first choice even though I do not like how tight they are. These look great! The chiffon pair makes her look a million miles long.

I also am on the hunt for a back-pack type purse for my trip in a few weeks. I am going to France and really don't want to carry a purse on my arm and be constricted from taking photographs. This bag is something I am looking for, adding it to my maybe pile.
Image 3 of ASOS Floral Canvas Back Pack
This one too. Which one do you lovely readers like?
Image 3 of ASOS 2-in-1 Spot Backpack

Back to Trend tracking for class. Have a great day!


  1. I love the back packs! Both are cute!!
    I need a new one for sure!

  2. Love the pleated chiffon trousers! Delicious! :)

  3. Kate- I agree, it's a tough choice!
    I need to by the trousers soon, pay day is just around the corner!

    - XO Hilary

  4. Seriously, Asos is my favorite store right now as well! I haven't purchased anything from there though, and am a little unsure about the quality... cute blog :)

  5. Thank you, I agree. I window shop at ASOS constantly. Maybe a sale item for starters might be best.

    XO Hilary Nicole


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