Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer Desires..

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1. $140 $110 -
2. $19 $11 -
3. $29 -
6. $18 -
8. $49 $40 -
9. $6.52 -

It seams like my buying list is growing every day. The dress is great and will go with anything since the pattern is subtle. I love the new essie Spring collection. I have about every color in nail polish, but not this one. Sunscreen is also very important to me when in the sun and this little tube from Clinique will be perfect to throw in my bag. The purple Ombre Betsey Johnson Sunnies are like my blue Oscar de la Renta pair from Stein Mart last year and I miss them a lot, these will be just as great! This aztec bag is one of my favorites I have found, I will definitely have to buy that one first. The shoes are my favorite color and earrings are bright and not too big. And who would pass up a sun hat for only $11? Not me! My desires list will continue, but here is the start! :)

Best Coast
I heard this song on 90210 last season and I still love it. We also played this in our Indie section at our fashion show! My song of the day, enjoy!

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