Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SIngin' in the Rain..

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 Today was definitely a weird weather day! First, it was raining, which is perfectly fine only I managed to not find my umbrella and my rain boots are back home at my parents' house. Winter boots were warm but my feet were wet. Anway, enough of my complaining. It ended up sleeting for about an hour, then turned to snow. It was the strangest thing I have seen weather do. It is a big slushy mess. All I could think of when I was outside was the musical Singing in the Rain. I am sure everyone's spirits would have been lifted if we were all singing joyfully. This is my interpretation of the classic yellow rain coat with rain boots and a great umbrella. I love floral umbrellas! They are perfect for spring. I have also been looking everywhere for a lighter wool floppy hat. I feel like the black ones I have found did not do my pale skin justice.

1. $22 - totes-isotoner.com 
2. $50 - topshop.com
3. $50 - topshop.com
4. $125 - nordstrom.com
5. $125 - nordstrom.com
6. $38 - zappos.com

What is everyone else's favorite go-to rain wear? My favorite is my totes floral umbrella (that went missing at the wrong time!) I also love my green wedge rain boots I picked up on sale at T.J. Maxx a few years ago. They are a similar color shown above. And that Parka would have been perfect for day instead of my trench coat getting soaked.

Oh, to be six again. I remember playing in the rain all the time and jumping in the puddles after it rained. I didn't care if i was soaked. Those were the days!

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  1. First of all,I'm so happy you found my blog, that's awesome that you are going to UNI! It's cool seeing another person in Iowa blogging about fashion, etc.
    Second, Mother Nature seems to kind of hate Iowa right now... yuck.
    Third, I love your blog and I will def. have to follow you..

    And I really need a pair of those rain boots! haha



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