Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reduce the Carbon!

I always think about ways to reduce the waste I put on our home. So many people do not realize how much they really throw away and think it's no big deal. Not using disposable utensils and/or napkins when you eat can make a huge difference. Recycling everything that you throw out that can be recycled is a great idea as well. It will start becoming second nature to toss it in the recycling bin. Just think about how many scrap pieces of paper you toss? LOTS.
 I have found some cute stuff that don't cramp my style when wanting to conserve :).

I love these recycled notebooks! And they come in all colors so you are bound to find the one you like. This J.crew reusable bag is awesome! I would use this on a regular basis, I will definitely have to pick one up when I head back to Des Moines :). The bag shown in three is a great bag for running around school I think. I like re-purposing items so this is perfect! and of course, the weather is getting nice so put your keys away and hop on a bike! the pink bike is great!

I also found the cutest tights today at The weather is nice now, I know. I will still wear them on chilly days :) I'll have to pick one and one only to purchase, it will have to be the purple pair.

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  1. I'm ordering those purple tights! : ) so adorable!


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