Friday, April 1, 2011

Have a Great Weekend!

I am so happy the weather in our beloved Iowa is warming up. The sun was shining all week and the forecast said rain, but they were wrong :). I want to try something new this weekend and finish all my homework by Saturday night (crossing my fingers!). There are movies I want to catch up on like "Black Swan," "All Good Things," and "How do you Know." Hopefully they are all great!
I am always wanting to bake on the weekends and it never will happen until I move into the apartment. Since I am at loss of a stove, no bake cookies sound like a plan to me!

Unknown Image

...and since the weather has been warming up, sunglasses have been glued to my face. I never can buy expensive shades since I break them and/or lose them. Forever 21 has amazing deals on sunglasses for the people that tend to do the same :).

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