Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday :)

Good Morning to everyone! This weekend was great and getting closer to the end of the school year is making me anxious. I have so many projects to do. At least they are ones I like to do. Time goes by so fast and I can barely believe I will be a Junior next year. Almsot half way done!

Coachella Live Webcast on Youtube has consumed a lot of my weekend along with projects. I wish I could have been there but the webcast was a great idea! I am definitely making a trip there in the near future.

Arcade Fire Balloons! This was beautiful!

Vogue Japan

I love reading Vogue from other countries. Their styles are so much edgier than the United States style. For some reason, a lot of their publishing is not scared of risque-ness. I love the ones shown here for March 2011 Vogue: Japan.

-I love colors shown here. Magenta and Navy are great together.

-Eclectic animal print and orange shoes, love.

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  1. I want to go to Coachella as well! Japan Vogue is great. I am surprised they do not feature as many Japan Natives, though.

  2. I actually just began collecting Vogues from different countries last summer!..and weirdly was also watching some of the webcast...those balloon things were so amazing!

  3. AHH, my favorites are Australia Vogue and Spain.

  4. Someday I WILL attend Coachella.. for now I'll settle with 80/30.


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