Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our school year is coming to an end and it still feels like we are at the beginning. Bigger and better things are coming for the next year and I am so excited to start the summer and my Junior year of college. One thing that keeps me going is imagining where I will be when I graduate. It really puts my life into perspective of what is important to me. I have always loved fashion and I did not think I would ever be in the industry since I am from Iowa. I even get goosebumps every time our teachers talk about our alumni at the companies they work for all over the nation and a few in other countries. Now that I am one step closer to my dream, it seems so much closer for me to reach. The main reason I started my blog was to talk fashion with the people that want to hear it. :) Thank you for reading my blog!

Romp it up!

Made at

I had to put an outfit together after I found this romper. I love the blue-green tribal print. Everyone can tell it is spring since we have had nonstop rain for a few days now. This would be a great outfit for summer! I like mixing dressed up things with dressed down. Perfect mix! :)


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