Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music on the Runway!

Lady Gaga appeared on Mugler's runway

Lady Gaga
Photo taken from, Lady gaga

Lady Gaga appeared in Paris for fashion week and not only performing, but working the runway as well! She is an individual that does not wear what others want her to wear, but her own. Even though she is not a fashion forward dresser, she always makes a statement that shows women to be yourself and not expect approval from others. She is doing her thing.

Florence Welch
Photo taken from, Florence Welch

Florence + the Machine is the most talked about band out there. the alternative, boho vibes she gives off is a new sound not heard before in the music industry. Florence is influencing the runways with her hair as well with her care-free style. Florence is one of my favorites in my iTunes library. Beautiful voice and very creative.   I feel there is a gap between talent and pop music today, she is doing a great job on having originality and music she actually writes. Great job Florence!!!

This is my favorite from her album!

Karl Lagerfeld did an amazing job with Chanel's stylization in Paris for fashion week. I love the grungy, yet put-together look they had on the runway. The shoes, gloves, and jewelery all dressed down the separate suiting a smart way. The look was definitely menswear oriented but still had a girly feel to it.

Photos taken from WWD; Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

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