Monday, March 28, 2011

A Bird's Eye View..

Dior, Missoni, Giannoni, Oh My!
Feathers on the Runway! As seen above, feathers are all the rage. I did not think feathers were going to come back into style ever since (love her to death) Bjork's version of the feathers. I still think Bjork worked that dress and made it work. Still love it.
Dior made feathers a working women's favorite want for Fall 2011 trends. The look is very wearable as well since it is paired with a jacket and hat.
Missoni (middle)did the feathers the right way by staying with their bohemian look and color palate.
The yellow pop of Giovanni Giannoni is quite bright for the fall season. The style is a great transition from summer to fall.

Christian Dior RTW Fall 2011Missoni RTW Fall 2011
Versace RTW Fall 2011

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An easy way to bring in the trend is with accessories. They are mostly affordable and can be more subtle than going all out if you choose not to make a lot of noise, but still are noticed.

My Favorite Feather Accessories... So far!

Feather Accessories
 Made at
55 GBP -
$70 -
$29 -
24 EUR -
Cluster jewelry
12 GBP -
Dangle jewelry
$5.99 -

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