Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Skinny Dippin' Girl"...

Photograph from family, South Carolina 2008
Summer, where art thou?
Another day of winter and the sun is definitely out today which makes me feel a little better about the brutal cold weather. This picture never fails to put a smile on my face, family (and some randoms hehe) in the beautiful ocean of South Carolina.
Made at Bag, Hat found at forever21
Coat by Pink Martini, earrings, and cuff Tinley Road found at
Marc by marc Jacobs wedges, scarf found at
Photography: (top) (bottom)
This outfit is my idea of an outfit that can be worn in winter but definitely has a summer feel to it. I love the couple in the bottom, summer happiness. :)
Walking to classes on campus and being in the cold winter wind, my lips really take a beating from the weather. With the help of Burt's Bees Outdoor lip Res-Q lip balm with SPF 15, my lips feel good as new by the end of the day. I recommend this to anyone. We are almost there, a few more months of the wind/negative degrees.

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