Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Elephant celebration India picture and information on http://www.nationalgeographic.com/
This elephant is beautiful and she definitely inspired my Boho-chic look today. I cannot get enough of the India culture. Their beauty is impeccable with their use of color wherever they can put it.
On that note, BRING ON FASHION WEEK. I Wish I could be there but since Iowa is far from NYC, the internet is as close as I can get :).
Photo taken from WWD
Chloé at its finest. The Pre-Fall 2011 lines are up this week. The styles are becoming more apparent and I am loving the longer dresses, very classy. The color palattes are also lighter than usual and a lot less gray tones. Animal print still in ladies :).
Photo taken from WWD
I am in love with Missoni. Their Style definitely reflects what type of clothing i would buy if i could afford it. Their styles have altered this season as they move away from pinks and into blue hues. Their sixties vibe never gets old.
Unknown photo from Woodstock
If only this photo was in color. I would take her bag and jacket as is if i could. I love the care-freeness they have and everyone knows why they are so care-free. If only our society could get back to this without the help of narcotics.

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